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    Testimonials: ADI Training and Coaching

    The following are just a selection of comments from ADIs and PDIs who have trained with Lynne Barrie Driving Instructor Training:

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    "I have recently passed my ADI Part 3 test at the age of 22 with the help of Lynne. As soon as I met Lynne on my first lesson she put me straight at ease and made me feel comfortable as she has excellent people skills. With only being 21 when I started training with Lynne I lacked a lot of confidence in myself and wasn't sure whether this was the right profession for me, but with Lynne's help she assured me I could do this and become a great instructor. She is very supportive, friendly, and professional. Her style of training and how she helps you make improvements is excellent and I couldn't of done it without her. After a lot of hard work I passed my part 3 with a 4 and 6 and I could not be happier. Thanks for all your help Lynne, your amazing." Charlotte Redding ADI

    "Lynne was recommended to me by a friend and former colleague who had previously trained and passed with her help. I was already a member of the I.A.M. and a former Grade 1 police driver so I was relatively happy taking Parts 1 and 2 but extremely nervous about dealing with Part 3. The dynamic nature of teaching absolute beginners on live roads felt like a very different process to driving myself and as a 50 year old, it had been a long time since I had received training at this level. Lynne was very supportive and encouraging and by the time I reached my test date she had built my confidence in teaching and coaching to such a degree that I passed first time with a Grade 5 in both the phases. Thanks to Lynne I am now looking forward to many years working as my own boss in my ideal business." Richard Martin ADI

    "I underwent my part three training with Lynne after she had been recommended to me. From the moment I contacted her she was enthusiastic and supportive. Each lesson was tailored to address the areas of improvement I needed. I passed first time with Lynne with a five in both phases, her valued support and guidance is invaluable beyond passing, she always responds to any queries I have timely and accurately. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone seeking her training skills and beyond! " Judith Rudd ADI

    "Since joining Lynne from another training establishment I realise the difference in the style of training. Lynne’s coaching style has made me confident and ready for work as an ADI. I passed my Part 3 first time with two grade 5s and I am truly grateful for all her support and care" Kim Ody ADI

    "I feel that the consistency of regular lessons with one trainer has been instrumental in my success at passing my ADI exams. Lynne’s style of coaching helps you get past any ingrained driving faults, which can be the biggest hurdle for prospective instructors, and her attention to detail gives you a good insight into what makes an excellent driving instructor" Richard Fender ADI

    "Lynne helped me to pass my Part 2 after previous attempts with a different establishment. I passed with only two driving errors and couldn't have done it without her" Karen Hall ADI

    "I am thrilled to have passed my Part 2 on the first attempt with only three minor faults. Thanks for making it possible, keeping me confident and training me to such a high standard. I've really enjoyed my lessons. I thought I could drive until I met you, Lynne!" Tracey Fielding ADI

    "The Lynne Barrie Training Establishment provides a first class, professional service. Lynne has helped me to pass an advanced driving test and secure new employment as a DVSA examiner." Steve Trenfield DVSA Examiner

    "I undertook training from Lynne as part of the qualifying process to become a driving examiner. Not only did she provide high quality instruction on advanced driving, but she also gave me the confidence needed to take the test. She is an enthusiastic teacher with excellent communication skills" Mark George DVSA Examiner

    "I can't thank Lynne enough for the first class training that I received to become an ADI. She inspires both confidence and self-belief. Lessons are extremely enjoyable and on a one to one basis which enables training to be tailored to the candidate's specific needs. I successfully completed all three parts of the qualifying exams with her and am now enjoying my career as an ADI. I couldn’t have done it without her." Dawn Symonds ADI

    "I am really pleased to have passed my Part 3 with high grades and on my first attempt. Lynne always said it was possible and now I believe her! I would like to thank Lynne for all her hard work and support throughout my training, I could not have done it without her. She passed on to me so much of her vast knowledge that I feel confident and ready to start work as an ADI" Andy Newton ADI

    "I left my last training establishment short of knowledge and confidence to even think about putting in for my Part 3 exam. My one-to-one tuition with you, Lynne, was just what I needed, the way you transferred your knowledge soon had me believing that I could do it. Thanks to you I passed first time, but I did work hard too! I would recommend you to anyone looking for any driving or instructional tuition." Steve Eccles ADI

    "It was with some trepidation that I decided to train as an ADI. I took the plunge and chose Lynne as my trainer. Lynne continually supported me on my journey. Whenever I encountered a stumbling block, and believe me there have been many, she was there for me giving me the courage to continue. I passed Parts 1, 2, and 3 all first time, with good grades so it all paid off. During my Part 3 training Lynne agreed to support me with my trainee licence. I want to thank her for her patience and encouragement as I truly believe that I would not have got through without it." Kristine Smith, Proud ADI!

    "Thanks for a great day training, I really enjoyed it. Today instead of telling my pupil how to turn in the road I asked if she had read the hand-out on it. When she said yes I asked her to give it a try and she did it in 3 moves. She scored herself 5 out of 10 and said she knew she would need to look around more. The smile on her face said it all!" Dave Griffin ADI

    "I have been using the coaching techniques learnt on your coaching day and have found them very useful. I find that asking a pupil what they would like to achieve by the end of the lesson focuses their thoughts and they are pleased that they can set their own goals. A discussion always seems better than telling them what they must do. Also the scoring system "how do you think you did on a scale of 1-10?" helps them to develop their skills by taking responsibility for their own learning." Megan Hall ADI

    "I can't thank you enough for your help. Your help was the key factor in passing the exam with what I believe good grades, looking back I believe I could have done even better, if I had believed in myself and the fear factor wasn't in equation." Kuldip Singh ADI Part 3

    "Firstly many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening workshop on Sunday. I found the whole day inspirational and was looking forward to putting some of the coaching techniques into practice. I have used quite a lot of the techniques on a lady who started with me yesterday; the lady in question passed her test over 20 years ago and for various reasons has not driven on her own for the past 12 years. Within 20 minutes of meeting and driving around an off road area I turned to her and asked her if she wanted to drive on her own, she was stunned that I trusted her to drive my car without me in it. Off she went on her own perfectly in control! This is the first time I have had someone cry with joy at the end of a lesson, she was absolutely overjoyed. Her goal is to drive her car on her own to see her Mother in Sheffield in May, she is putting together her own Mind Map in preparation for her next lesson so we can work towards her goal, I have every confidence she can achieve that goal. Many thanks once again for a fantastic day." Mike Garton ADI

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