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    Publications: Standards Check Success

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    Standards Check Success: New revised edition for 2019

    A new revised edition for 2019, from Lynne Barrie MA.

    This replaces the very popular Check Test Success that Lynne has published and updated for over 5 years now. Reviews of that book showed that the style it was written in was easy to understand, informative and helped countless ADIs. The new book is A4; spiral bound and has 130 pages printed in colour to help any ADI be fully prepared for their Standards Check. It has been written as a result of training and helping many ADIs with their Standards Checks and using the extensive feedback that Lynne has received from examiners and ADIs who have already taken their Check.

    Lynne expects this book to help anyone who is:

    • Taking a first Standards Check
    • Wanting to overcome a failed Standards Check
    • Wanting to maintain a grade
    • Wanting to update their skills if they have been an ADI for a number of years
    • Hoping to feel more confident and prepared for their Standards Check
    • Wanting to improve their passing grade from B to an A

    The book takes the reader comprehensively through the whole process. Its chapters include:

    • How to prepare before the day
    • What the DVSA expect
    • The marking scheme
    • The assessment criteria
    • The three new competencies
    • Lesson planning
    • Risk management
    • Teaching and learning strategies
    • Client centred learning
    • The national standards for driver training
    • How to feel more confident and be fully prepared
    • Top tips for success

    Uniquely it also contains feedback from ADIs who have taken the standards check and reflected on the experience. The first statistics from the DVSA, released in September 2014, show that some 19%, almost 1 in 5 ADIs are failing their Standards Check. Lynne hopes this book will be a valuable guide to all ADIs who want to fully understand the whole process. There is a glossary at the end to explain all the terms used and detailed contents pages mean the reader can easily find any sections that they want to return to. It’s a book that you can dip in and out of and easily return to for reference.

    Lynne has already helped ADIs who have received full marks on the Standards Check and ADIs who have overcome an initial failure. The release of this new book will help ADIs even more.

    Standards Check Success: Testimonials

    The following are just a selection of comments from ADI's who have used the Standards Check Success book:

    "I have been a driving instructor for nearly 30 years. I have a good reputation and pass rate but have always been stressed with check tests.  In the past I always attained a grade 5. Today after reading your “Standards Check Success” book I have attained an A with 50 out of 51! I can’t believe it, I am so blown away; I didn’t see that coming at all. Your book helped to calm me down, was very easy reading and reassuring. Thank you for writing it - I almost feel like I know you now.  Thank you for all your help - the book was recommended to me and I will continue to recommend it!" Sheila Holmes ADI

    "Had my standards check yesterday and was delighted to achieve an ‘A’ grade. I have attended various one day seminars in the past few months, but I remain convinced that it was your guide that made the most significant contribution, clarifying the various elements of the standards check." Steve Hammerton ADI

    "Many thanks for your help with training and the standards check book is brilliant. I shall still keep reading it and recommend it to other ADIs." Neil Perry ADI

    "I have been working as a driving instructor for 30 years and have always been a grade 5. The new standards check test was obviously a concern. I saw your Standard Check Success book and purchased it. Having read through your book several times, I started to understand what was required of me in my standards check. As the date approached, I was getting more nervous by the minute. With the help of your book I have achieved grade A and 51 points. As I am approaching retirement in a few years, I am excited that I have achieved the grade that I always wanted. I feel that without the help of your book I would have struggled on the day. Thank you very much.." Ian Padarasz ADI

    "Thank you for the invaluable help with my standards check, without it I would not have got such a high mark. Your book on the standards check has to be the best in the market and I would advise anyone who has concerns to purchase your book and study it as it covers everything they need to know." David Blount ADI

    "I am pleased to tell you I received a Grade A with 46 points on my standards check recently. Thank you so much for all your help. I found the Standards Check Success book really helpful. It made me take each section and look at the competencies and I found it a great book to dip in and out of. I'm certain it helped me get my A grade." Nick Cullen ADI

    "Lynne I just wanted to say thanks, this book is great and helped me a lot. I took my standards check and achieved 47 out of the 51 an A grade. I am so happy and I have recommended it to other ADIs. Thanks again." Gary Webb ADI

    "Used your Standards Check Success book, Lynne and am thrilled to say I got a Grade A on my test. I found it invaluable, thank you so much. It helped me prepare." Terry Bassingthwaighte ADI

    "I have purchased one of your books in the past and I found it absolutely brilliant. I have purchased this one for a friend. Thank you very, very much" Nigel Green ADI

    "I asked for your help and advice for my standards check and also read your book. Thanks to you Lynne, I've gone from a grade 4 to a high grade A. Thank you so much." Peter Hurley ADI

    "Another testament to the efficacy of your excellent guide to the standards check. Had my standards check yesterday and was delighted to achieve an ‘A’ grade. Whilst I have attended various one day seminars in the past few months. I remain convinced that it was your guide that made the most significant contribution clarifying the various elements of the standards check." Steve Hammerton ADI

    "Lynne thank you for your support! With your help, training and your book I got a grade A with 50 out of 51 in my standards check and I am very pleased! I enjoyed all of the training sessions it’s been much appreciated! I would surely recommend other instructors to have your help and training before their standards check and for them to be confident with themselves." Harpal Ghatory

    "Your book helped with the new standards check. Got an A grade only dropping 2 points. Many thanks; I will be recommending this to my colleagues." Kevin Niva

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