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    Part 2: Test of Your Driving Ability

    Part 2 of the driving instructor training test is a practical test in two parts:

    • The Eyesight Test
    • You must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 27.5m (90 feet) in good daylight, with the help of glasses or contact lenses, if worn. If you cannot pass the eyesight test you will not be allowed to take the practical driving test.
    • The Practical Driving Test
    • This lasts for one hour, during which you must demonstrate that you can drive in an advanced manner. It is not a slightly more difficult 'L' test. You must be able to give a brisk, confident, safe drive complying with the speed limit on all types of roads including motorways. You will be expected to carry out various manoeuvres successfully and you will only be able to make 6 driving errors during the test in order to pass.

    Driving instructor training is always on a one to one basis with Lynne. It can be in your own car or the one provided by the establishment, whichever you prefer. After an initial assessment of your driving, Lynne will discuss how much training you are likely to need. Most people take between 10 and 15 hours to be ready for the exam but everyone is individual with different needs.

    The driving tuition will cover all aspects of driving including towns, cities, the countryside, dual carriageways and motorway driving. PDIs on a Part 2 test will carry out 2 manoeuvres from a possible 4. The manoeuvres will reflect the changes to the car test. • Forward bay park • Pull up on the right and reverse • Reverse park (either bay or on the road) only one of the reverse park exercises will be carried out per test. There will still be uphill, downhill, angle and normal stops. The emergency stop exercise moves to a 1 in 3 basis and there will be 3 tell me questions and 2 show me questions on the move. The question bank is the same as the car test with the addition of a show me question on cruise control. You will need to practice the skills you learn in tuition time on your own until you are competent. Lynne will arrange a mock test, if you would like one, so you feel fully prepared and confident. Training starts locally and then moves into the area where you are taking your Part 2 so you can be familiar with that area.

    Training sessions usually last for up to two hours, but this part of the course can be flexible. You could begin tuition for Part 2 whilst you are in the later stages of your Part 1 training, although you cannot apply to take the exam until you have passed Part 1.

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