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    Learner Lessons: Testimonials

    "My daughter learnt to drive with Lynne. She was extremely nervous to start with but Lynne was very friendly and patient. She gave excellent advice when my daughter started to do extra practice in the family car, allowing me on one of her lessons to show me what I needed to be watching for. My daughter passed first time with only two minors. She's now an extremely confident little driver. I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Lynne, an A* in my rating." Lea Burgin-Lee

    "Lynne Barrie is a brilliant and reliable instructor who I would recommend to any learner driver. She is friendly, thorough and calming instructor who has given me skills to be a confident and safe driver. I will miss having lessons with Lynne now she helped me pass first time, 5*s all round." Suzie Nelson

    "Lynne has taught my sister and I. We both passed first time with only 3 minors between us. Lynne's lessons are excellent and prepare you not only for your test, but so you are a good driver after your test too. I would definitely recommend Lynne to anyone about to start to drive." Stephen Little

    "My son aged 18 learnt to drive with Lynne during 2014. She was a very friendly instructor and put my son at ease from the start. Lynne was also very helpful with advice to me regarding additional advice to my son driving the family car. My son passed first time. I thoroughly recommend Lynne Barrie as a driving instructor." Pete Chapman

    "As someone who didn't learn when I was younger, I was anxious about learning to drive. I found Lynne to be very patient and a calming influence. Her lessons were fun and I enjoyed being her pupil. I passed first time and would recommend Lynne to everyone, especially older drivers." Rehana Firth

    "I didn’t even know what a clutch was when I started and now I feel confident and happy to cope on the road. I passed first time and enjoyed all my learning with Lynne." Emma Taylor

    "Learning with Lynne was fun and she made it seem easy. Lynne coached me through my lessons and I passed first time. I really enjoy my driving now I’m on the road." Kirsty Warden

    "We are extremely happy with the tuition our children received. They learnt quickly and always looked forward to their lessons. They all passed first time but more importantly we feel they were ready to be on the road and that gave us peace of mind." Parents of Greg, Josh and Lauren Massey

    "I am so glad I found Lynne after trying other instructors. She gave me the confidence to feel at ease behind the wheel. With Lynne I knew I would pass as she made me feel very positive about learning to drive" Katie Dolman

    "I am delighted with the tuition my son and daughter received. Lynne was reliable, friendly and patient and made them feel at ease. They always looked forward to lessons and passed their test with confidence. I am very pleased with the standard they both achieved. Thanks Lynne it was good value for money." Fiona Bradshaw

    "I have enjoyed all my lessons with Lynne. I feel confident to face the traffic and other drivers and I am thrilled I passed with no faults at all on my test." Laura Wakeman

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