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    Testimonials: Come to Coaching

    The following are just a selection of comments from ADI's who have used the Come to Coaching book:

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    "I found the book both informative and interesting. It is written in a language which I can understand and in such a way that it can now be used as a reference tool into which I can dip in and out as required. Much of the content is familiar but which I have learned in different contexts throughout my management and learning & development careers. The read has certainly inspired me to adopt new approaches and coincidentally has helped me with how to teach some of the GDE Level 2 topics, most notably Anticipation & Planning. Money well spent and I look forward to improving my coaching skills as a result." Rob Tillier, ADI

    "My first impression was ‘Wow,’ I intend to read this book from page to page. It has excellent coaching skill with effective Q & A advice; I can see this becoming a very good seller for you Lynne. It is clear and easy to understand, I have used Lynne Barrie's books in the past and they have contained lots of useful information and good A.D.I tools. I am already a successful trainer however I believe there is always room for improvement, keep up the good work. ADI’s would benefit immensely from this coaching book; this is what the industry needs." Tariq Hussain, Controlled Practice Driver Training

    "Love the content of the book, and I am extremely happy with being so inspired by it" Fiona Taylor ADI

    "Quality item, excellent price, fast delivery - thank you" Phillip Eldered ADI

    "Speedily shipped in perfect condition. Recommended for all ADI's!" Nathan Evans ADI

    "Very good basic introduction to driver coaching" Stuart Pike ADI

    "Highly recommended!!" Philip Mann ADI

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