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    Publications: Come to Coaching
    (New, fully revised 2nd edition)

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    Come to Coaching: About the Book

    Lynne has revised this book with new content and detail. When it was first written, coaching and use of a client centred approach in driver training were new to the industry. This 2nd edition reflects its recent wide scale adoption and also Lynne’s own extended learning on the subject since the initial book.

    Chapters are fully revised with extra content and illustrations. Uniquely, it also contains reflective logs from Lynne’s own experiences of coaching. It’s a book that you can dip in and out of and easily return to for reference. Lynne expects this book to help anyone who is:

    • Preparing for a Standards Check
    • Wanting to start to learn about coaching
    • Wanting to understand more about coaching after an initial interest
    • Just qualified as an ADI
    • Wanting to update their skills if they have been an ADI for a number of years
    • Hoping to feel more confident about coaching with more understanding
    • Wanting to increase basic coaching skills to more advanced ones

    The book takes the reader comprehensively through the whole process of coaching. The chapters include:

    ✔   What are coaching and the benefits?
    ✔  Why ADIs need coaching skills
    ✔  Starting to Coach
    ✔  Qualities of a good coach
    ✔  The learning process and reflection
    ✔  Models of coaching: GROW, Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
    ✔  Questions and feedback skills
    ✔  Coaching techniques: Scaling, role changing, visualisation, story boards, mind mapping, six hats thinking, reframing, self-disclosure and others
    ✔  A coaching contract
    ✔  Possible barriers
    ✔  Coaching Logs and coaching in action

    Lynne appreciates that you can’t learn everything about coaching from a book because it needs practice and experience. It also needs reflection and then changes in order to make improvement: it’s an ongoing process. However, you can use this book to get an understanding of your own ability to coach as well as tools, tips and techniques to try out. Lynne has already helped many ADIs to “Come to Coaching” in the 1st edition: this new version will increase the skills of ADIs even further.

    Come to Coaching: A Review

    Come to Coaching! A review by James Quinn ADI and Head of Training at ADINJC

    ‘Coaching’ seems to be the new buzz word in driving instruction. Courses and training seminars are being offered on coaching, coaching is being talked about at conferences, and we have had the EU coaching project, HERMES.

    Some driving instructors seem very keen to let others know that they are using ‘coaching techniques’, but I suspect that some coaching advocates are doing little more than asking a few questions, and calling it coaching. Other ADIs do not know what coaching is, and some take the approach of ‘what’s wrong with the way that I’ve always done things?’

    Despite the term ‘coaching’ being gradually used more and more widely, I suspect that while there are some ADIs who are very good coaches, there are many more that need to learn more about coaching skills. A quick internet search reveals that there are thousands of books on coaching, some of them about coaching a specific activity (e.g. football or cricket) but many of them are about general coaching techniques that could be applied to various activities, but many of these are academic studies of coaching methods, rather than practical ‘how to do it’ types of book.

    What is missing is a book about coaching for teachers of driving, until now!

    Come to Coaching is written by Lynne Barrie, an experienced, and very well qualified working ADI, who has been studying and developing her coaching skills, and is one of only twelve people to have completed a postgraduate course on ‘Coaching for Driver Development’ at the University of East London, so she has excellent credentials.

    In the introduction to her book Lynne says ‘you cannot learn coaching completely from a book’, not the best testimonial, but it is true, no one is going to learn to be an expert coach by reading one book or going on one training course.

    What this book will do for ADIs is explain simply and honestly the details of various coaching techniques, it also gives actual examples of when and how these methods have been used, and gives suggestions for how you can develop your skills as a coach, and it is written in a style that feels like Lynne is actually having a conversation with you.

    The book initially examines what coaching is, and addresses the issue of whether ADIs need coaching skills, Lynne then goes on to compare instruction and coaching and looks at the qualities of a good coach (how many people will realise that there are five different levels of listening? And we are not talking about volume!). Coaching is then put into context by discussing the learning process and analysing the different learning styles that people have. Lynne then explains in detail three different models or methods of coaching, together with numerous coaching techniques to use within these models. Finally there is a chapter giving advice and suggestions on how to start coaching, and some examples of actual coaching logs from real training sessions.

    This book is written by an expert in their subject, but it appears to achieve something that few books on any subject do, for someone with little or no knowledge of coaching, it explains with sufficient detail for them to understand, and to go out and start developing their coaching skills, but for someone who already has a knowledge of coaching it adds extra detail and ideas that only an expert could, which should enable the more experienced coach to also learn and further develop their ability as a coach.

    This book will introduce beginners to coaching skills, and it will also enable more experienced or able coaches to either add extra techniques, or develop their skills further, I have read a lot of books about driving, and the teaching of driving, some have been very poor, others have been very good, Lynne’s book is amongst the best, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it as a ‘must read’ for all ADIs, and I now intend to go and read it again, because I am sure that I will pick up even more detail and more ideas than I did on the first reading.

    Review written by: James Quinn DipDI, DVSA ADI Head of ADINJC Training

    DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer

    Examiner Diamond Advanced Motorists

    Member of Institute of Master Tutors of Driving

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